Christmas Eve Smoothie

final Smoothie


What I Eat & Drink to Fuel my Workout

Eating prior to my workouts is important in order to get the best out of my workout. It helps meet my fitness goals by giving me the energy during the workout. I like to get a good amount of calories which help me push through the workout. I tend to eat small meals 30 minutes before working out. But when I do crave a meal before exercising. I make sure I eat 2 hours before. I want to share with you the three common post- workout snacks I eat.  Continue reading “What I Eat & Drink to Fuel my Workout”

Post Workout Super-food Smoothie

Say hello to your new go to Post workout Smoothie. Pact with every vitamin and nutrition to replenish your body. You can thank me later.  So what makes this smoothie a super smoothie? Continue reading “Post Workout Super-food Smoothie”