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Summer Food Bucket List: Gilroy Garlic Festival 2015

You can be sure that summer in the Central Coast is impeccable. I like to enjoy the warm weather by driving to the beach, rolling out my yoga mat and having a short yoga session. Then after, enjoying a nice lunch while  soaking up the sun. If i’m not in the mood to lounge on the sandy beach, you can find me hiking at a local National Park. My favorite park trail at the moment is The Garland Park Trails in Carmel Valley, Ca. My advice to you would be to start early. That way, the sun doesn’t catch up to you until later on. Let me tell you that the heat can be pretty overbearing. But it is worth it. You will enjoy the landscape.


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Restaurant 1833- Monterey, California


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Half A Handful of Nuts A Day Reduces Early Death Risk

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Nuts may reduce inflammation while also helping to prevent cell damage

“A handful of nuts can save your life, says new study,” The Daily Telegraph reports after a Dutch study found a link between daily nut consumption and a reduced chance of dying from a number of chronic diseases, including cancer and heart disease.

The study assessed the dietary and lifestyle habits of middle-aged to elderly adults from the Netherlands and followed them up over the next 10 years.

Overall, researchers found people who ate nuts had a decreased risk of death from any cause as well as various specific causes, such as cardiovascular diseases and cancer, compared with those who didn’t eat any nuts. The most reduced risk was found with the consumption of 5-10g of nuts a day.

However, not all risk reductions were significant and some of the researchers’ analyses were based on very small numbers, which…

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Cooking for Solution Event at the Monterey Bay Aquarium 2015

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