Living Green: Festival Must-have Essentials

Festival commenced early this summer. But I had a late start to it. Or maybe not. I just pick the festivals to my liking. I am attending the Monterey Jazz Festival for the second time this Saturday 16th. I been looking through the artist like a maniac since early spring. I am preparing for the festival a day before making sure I have everything I need. The weather out here on the Central Coast has been odd to say the least. We had our record breaking hot weather. Muggy and misty. To now lighting and thunder and rain. Oh and the heat. It has gotten much cooler. But still strangely warm. But then again, we always can expect an Indian Summer around this time. But to be honest. This years Indian Summer has been like no other I have experienced in past years.

Monterey, California is known and is also one of the capitals of Jazz music. It has a famous history throughout the years. You can click here to learn more about it. There’s so much more than standard jazz. Trust me. I know some of you might get discourage because you might assume its all the same. But it’s not. I enjoy for the most part very upbeat and dance jazz music. The venue is a pretty big size that will carry a list of stages. indoors and outdoors.  I am going to the show to see a Columbia band, Monsieur Perine that blends its traditions Colombian style with genres from all over the world. Google them.

So let me stop rambling and get to what this post is about. Enjoying Festivals while being green at the same time.

Items to bring with you:

First and foremost. I recommend you go to the festivals website and read through the list of items that are permitted into the venue. This will give you a heads up and also an idea of what friendly green items you can bring with you.


  1. Reusable Cup
  • Ex. Monterey Jazz Festival permits me to bring either one water bottle, a stainless steel or other nonbreakable individual use water container is allowed. They also have container for sale at the event.

This is a great opportunity for you to bring a reusable cup/bottle. I have two stainless steel cups that I purchased on amazon

2. Flatware

Processed with VSCO with e1 presetWe all get hungry during a festival. We love to indulge in anything we can get our hands on. You can be sure that with each purchase you will either grab a plastic spoon or fork. So your best bet is to bring flatware with you. I love taking this swiss army looking flatware with me. for the price of $5. it is hands down a must have. I dont have to worry about carrying each utensil in my purse, I have it all with me in a swiss army flatware.


3. Stainless Steel straw

We use approximately 500 million plastic straws per year. Unfortunately, not all those straws are safely recycled and end up in the ocean. We can take baby steps and reduce this number by carrying a stainless steel straw with us. I have a set in my car, work, and my purse. I make sets of straws that include a straw sleeve. click here to check that out

4. Cloth Napkin

paper towels create a major drain on the earth’s resources. Take time to find a small towel or handkerchief. Find them at a dollar tree store. or make your own by going to a fabric store. you can also make or find a small bag to carry in.

I’ll be honest. At first I felt pretty dumb carrying all this. But the more you think about and know that you’re helping and doing your part in reducing single use waste. The better you feel about it. I always have my nephews in mind. I want to do my best and share what I know to you so we can all try to make a change and help reduce our waste.





Pre order your Stainless Steel straw Set

Fact: we use 50 million straws every day in the U.S. many of those straws end up in our oceans. 50- 70% of our oxygen comes from the ocean. By 2050 plastics in the ocean will put weight fish.I’m doing my part and I am starting a small business and selling stainless steel straws. This is a pack of four straws that includes a cleaning brush for $5 pre order yours by emailing me at before July 18 #stopsucking #strawssuck

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First Annual Ocean’s Coastal Cleanup Results

Last Saturday I hosted my  first ever Coastal Cleanup. I been wanting to host one for a while now. I left it simmering on the back burner.But I think I made this happen at a perfect time.  Lately, I been asking myself, “people do so much to take care of their body and their families bodies, keep them healthy.But we don’t do much to help keep another important body clean, the ocean.

This thought came to me because of my nephew, Ethan Ocean. I try to share my knowledge and teach him as much as i can. I have this tiny ocean that will grow and become a bigger ocean. I want to teach Ocean how to keep the worlds ocean clean and beautiful as i know one day he will be. And so i thought it would be great to create the event on the day of my nephew, Ocean’s birthday.

I had the honor to have a group of Girls Scouts attend the event. I was happy to have them, their leader, parents join this important cause. I started the cleanup by teaching the girls about why it’s important to keep trash from going into our oceans. Since they live inland, they wondered how trash residing inland travels to the ocean. I was more than welcome to break it down and show them how.

Overall, this event was a success. I was happy to not only see the Girl Scouts and their parents there. But also have my family and friends there as well.

As for me. I am looking forward to next year’s event.

Here are the results of our cleanup:


It’s important that we starts opening our eyes and taking the first step in helping maintain this earth clean as possible. I’m not one to sweet coat anything. I am going to be straightforward with you. We are getting close to our doomsday. And no. I wont point fingers and judge. It’s not our fault. Our own home, the U.S.A. isn’t helping. Laws that can help us eliminate our plastic consumption aren’t passed. Oil Comapanies are living the life. Money. Money. Money. It always wins. Please let this post make you take a step back and see how much trash(plastic) we are throwing away and wont get recycled. We are leaving this mess for our future generation to suffer in. But who knows. Maybe they won’t have the opportunity to grown up. Two words: Global Warming.


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Recent Plastic-free Purchases

I decided to write this post and share my recent purchases. I have a lot of you asking where i purchase my eco-friendly items. I want to make this a seasonal post. So for the this season, Summer, I want to share with you my recent purchases.

Let me start off by saying that I always try to find the best deal out there. That means that I have to do my research. It get’s frustrating at times. But at the end of the day, it’s all worth it. I am a beginner at all this zero waste lifestyle. I had no idea where I wanted to start. I tend to overwhelm myself with so many “i must get this” “throw away that” “stop using all of that” So I stopped myself sat down, opened my notebook, and noted the top 3 things i use daily. Night and day.

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