Rosemary Beef Steak

I been to Whole Foods many times but I have never tried the meat there until now. Whole Foods offers meat that isn’t treated with antibiotics. They work with local farmers to bring you the best quality meat and poultry.  For my first purchase I picked a beef steak. I hardly cook meat just because i’m pretty terrified of not cooking it right and either over or under cook it. For the seasoning I wanted to go with something simple. Using herbs and the basic seasoning. Such as salt and black pepper. I love rosemary so I picked up fresh rosemary. I had everything else I needed back home. I cooked this beef on a pan. I poured Olive oil on a medium heat pan. Chopped two garlic cloves. Spread it all over the steak and placed rosemary, sea salt and black pepper. Voila! That’s all. Enjoy!




If you have any beef steak recipes. please share down below.


Prosciutto and Eggs for Breakfast

IMG_3786Breaking out of the norm is something I do on the regular when breakfast comes around. I get bored of eating the same thing on the weekend, Overnight oats and a smoothie. I still have my smoothie every morning. But on the weekends since I have plenty of time to myself in the mornings. I like to go all out for breakfast. This past weekend I wanted to cook up something with Prosciutto. This is just one of my all time favorite cured meats. I love the perfect amount of saltiness it has and the oh so thin cut slices. Because this meat has a well balance flavor with saltiness and flavor. I didn’t have to add much seasoning to the rest of the stuff used in this dish. Rule of thumb when cooking: Always start with the ingredients that take longer to cook. For this dish I started off with Continue reading “Prosciutto and Eggs for Breakfast”

Recipe: Garlic Yellow Yam Fries


Last weekend Gilroy, California had their annual Garlic Festival. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it this year. But I didn’t let that stop me from eating a dish made with garlic. I really wanted to make this recipe with regular potatoes but because of my new diet, I have to change it up and use sweet potato. This year was the first time I tried sweet potato and I have to say that it’s not that bad. I do wish the sweetness was more subtle. To my surprise, I found Yellow Yams. I don’t know if it’s just me but I found these a bit less sweet. This is a great recipe for those of you who prefer a gluten free dish. Let’s get started! Continue reading “Recipe: Garlic Yellow Yam Fries”

Recipe: Baked Asparagus Fries with Filet Mignon

Hello! Last week i posted a picture where i asked you which recipe you wanted me to put together and upload today. And most of you picked this one, asparagus fries. It simple and tasty, pair it with a meal! good luck!