Zero Waste Lifestyle Update: Grocery Shopping

Hola! It’s been a bout a month since my zero waste lifestyle challenge. For those of you who have followed or joined me on this challenge, you might be wondering how i’m doing with it. Some habits have stayed and some, Well, i’m still working on.

When it comes to Grocery shopping. . . Continue reading “Zero Waste Lifestyle Update: Grocery Shopping”


Challenge week #2 homemade products

Hello! First of all let me start off by apologizing to you for not uploading this video on Sunday. This video is a part of the Continue reading “Challenge week #2 homemade products”

Join the Zero Waste Lifestyle Challenge

Now that I am starting to eat healthier I decided that it only makes sense to also start living a sustainable lifestyle. I will be sharing with you tips on how to start a zero waste lifestyle. I want to put together a 30 day challenge as well. I hope you will join the challenge with me. the more, the merrier.