Veggie Breakfast Bowl with Ham & Egg

I love making myself a bowl of veggies first thing in the morning. It is the easiest way to just toss all the veggie you have in your fridge and saute them in a pan. Then place them in a bowl. But I will say that I take my time decorating the bowl with the veggies. I like my bowl to look pretty. I’d say I do consider myself a plant-based eater. It is one of the best diets I have found so far. The one thing I like about this diet is that It really doesnt limit you to what you can eat and what you must eliminate. It actually encourage you to add more green into your diet. And try to eat less meat and poultry. Because I have PCOS. This fits perfect for me. Greens have nutrients that I, as a PCOS-er don’t really have much of. I cut down on my dairy consumption. I drink almond milk. But at times I do crave cheese. Cheese is no doubt my weakness. And I also cut down on my meats and poultry. I have it about 2-3 times a month. I am trying to minimize that number to 2 or less.

When I do crave meat or poultry. I make sure that its grass fed. The top of the line. Yes, it’s expensive. But, like I said. I have a few times a month so its not hard on my wallet. I see it as my reward to myself. One of the many reasons why grass fed animals are the best to eat is because it is easier for you to digest. I buy my grass fed meat at Whole Foods. I haven’t had any issues. I really can tell the difference. I dont feel as groggy compare to regular meat.

Last weekend I was craving meat. So I decided to buy a bag of sliced honey cured meat from Whole Foods. and have it in my Breakfast bowl.

What seasoning do I cook my veggies in?

I keep it simple for the most part. It’s really up to you if you want to use powdered or fresh herbs. I always use fresh garlic cloves and Onions. But there’s times when I don’t feel like mincing or dicing them so I will use powder garlic and onion. Of course black pepper and Pink salt. Crushed red pepper. Because I love my food to have a bit of spice. I have a Chipotle Powder given to me by my dad.  I mix that all in and let the veggies soak all that in. Olive oil is my go to cooking oil.

Other Ingredients:

I recently started cooking sweet potato along with my vegetables. I seriously think this is the only way I can eat it. I am not a fan of the sweetness of this type of potato. I make sure that it’s seasoned to the point where I have a subtle taste of the sweet potato in my palette.

The last ingredient I cook is the egg. I cook it until the edges are crispy. I’ll cook the ham for about 3-5 minutes. depending on how cooked i want it.

Once I have everything cooked and in the bowl. I like to finish it off with Sriracha Sauce.

And that’s my take on a Breakfast Bowl.

What do you add on your Breakfast Bowl?



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