My Home Gym Essentials: Keep it Simple

My workout regime changes every other day. I prefer to always change my exercises. Number one: I get bored of the same routine. And number two: it’s one of the best things you can do and i recommend you to do. It’ll workout different muscles of your body. Another thing I prefer when it comes to workouts is that I prefer to use my body weight and not much gym tools. I keep it simple.

This post is for those of you who would like to know what my go to at home gym essentials are. Let me start off by saying that these items are easy to find and inexpensive.

My main focus when this year is to gain muscle mass. especially in my arms. So i knew i needed two hand bells. Light hand weights and heavy weights. I want definition in my arms not bulky looking arms. What light weights do is that they work the small muscles that dont get much love with heavy weights. It also depends on the movements. Small pulses or arm circles will do. As for the heavy weights.IMG_2616 They work out the rest of the bigger mscles on your arms. I purchased these 3lb hand weights at Target. I took advantage of Target’s Cartwheel coupon of 15% off. I always make sure to look up coupons on Cartwheel before I get to excited of spending money there. Ladies, you know how it is. Big Lot also has great deals on gym essentials. I found a good set of 5 and 8lb hand weights there.







Now let’s get down to the legs. I swear by these two items. They have given me the best burn in my life. Sometimes i’ll wear both to double the burn. Yes. I am that determined to get these leg toned. I found a set of three resistance bands at target. And these have been my savior for years now. Especially during physical therapy when I was recovering from a strain hi flexor. light exercises or not. these bands make a difference. IMG_2617I’ll also add that they are very durable. Ankle weights are another must have if you want to tone your legs and get a nice perky butt. I remember using these back when I did my workouts in a pool. Try adding these to your regular exercise routine. I guarantee you that your legs will feel spaghetti. Make sure to get a good stretch afterwards. Last but not least. I use my body as my main weight. Yoga is a perfect example of that. If you do 30 minute yoga sessions. There’s no doubt you will feel a slight soreness. So those are my gym essentials and that’s how I keep it simple. I happy with my results so far. What are your go to gym essentials? I would love to know. Comment below! I will see you soon with a new post. Hope to hear from you






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