The Foodie Edition Event- Sunset Center, Carmel, Ca

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Sassy, Spunky, Intelligent, and most of all- Powerful are just the words to describe the Celebrity Chef’s and Food Writers speaking at the Foodie Edition Event at the Sunset Center in Carmel. Guest Chef’s included Nancy Silverton, Ruth Reichel, and Evan Kleiman. Of all three, I was looking forward to meet Nancy Silverton. After watching her story on Chef’s table, I knew that I couldn’t miss out on the opportunity of having her sign a copy of her cookbooks.

Funny Story: When volunteering at my local Salvation Army Store. I would always skim through the books trying to find a steal. skimming my fingers over many book-spines; I eyed the word ‘Mozza’ Loud scream of happiness going off in my head!! BEHOLD! Nancy Silverton’s ‘Mozza Cookbook‘ right before eyes. I couldn’t believe that this cookbook, In great conditions,was at a thrift store!! That same day, I also took home bowls and a nice mug. The employee was so kind that she Charged me $1 for all four items. That means that this book was only 25 cents. Now that’s a steal.

Forward to two days ago. I found out that Nancy was going to be in town. I saw this as a sign an ran with it. My good friend offered me a comp ticket and i gladly accepted. I pretty much ‘killed two birds with one stone’ I caught up with my friend and spent my Wednesday evening seeing a cooking demo and meeting Ms. Silverton.

Before heading out to the event. All three of us( my brother, friend and I) had dinner at a restaurant I never been to before. La Bicyclette. A home feel bistro offering French-Italian dishes.  We indulged in a veggie pizza, Broccolini appetizer. I also had the Soup of the day, Mushroom soup.

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Basking in great conversation. We  forgot how fast we had downed our food. So, we were up for one more pizza. We stuck to a classic Pepperoni pizza. Since the event venue was a couple blocks away, we decided to enjoy a walk to the venue. I wasn’t expecting the program to be a cooking demo. It was a surprise to me and my friend. It was nice to see all three chef’s in their element. Each of the Chef’s presentation came with a back story which made the demo that much amusing. Ruth Reichel shared her version of Ricotta by making fried Beet Ricotta. Evan Kleiman put together a Peruvian dish. Roasted pork in banana leaves. Nancy showcased her spin on the classic Egg salad.  It is so inspiring to see chefs, in general, sharing their recipes on a stage. It so refreshing to me and makes me look forward to my cooking and adding what I learned into my dishes.  At the end of the day, I took home more than just cooking ideas.FullSizeRender (6) But also, the strong dynamic these three women had during and after the program. Out of the kitchen, these three have been friends for more than thirty years. And it shows through their humor, and most importantly their support for one another. It was empowering and refreshing to see as a young women in her late 20’s. I hope to see more of this in my daily life. Women supporting Women.


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