Second Annual Ocean’s Coastal Cleanup 2017

Hello! My name is Abril Esparza. Born and raised in the Monterey County. On the weekends I drive to the coast and take a jog or walk by the ocean. After my jog I come across trash so I always take a bag with me to pick it up.

My brother blessed me with my fourth nephew this year. For me, an aunt to four little ones, has been life changing and also has enlightened me to see things through their eyes. To think about their future. I have been diagnosed with PCOS( Polycystic ovary syndrome) So, i been taking care of my body more than I have in my life. Lately, I’ve asked myself, “people do so much to take care of their body and their families bodies, to be healthy, to live as long as they can. But we don’t do much to help keep another important body clean, the ocean.
This thought came to me because of my nephew, Ethan Ocean. I am helping my sister raise my nephew, Ocean, teach him as much as i can. teach him how to eat healthy. I have this tiny ocean that will grow and become a bigger ocean. I want to teach Ocean how to keep the worlds ocean clean and beautiful as I know one day he will be. And so I thought it would be great to create the event on the day of Ocean’s birthday. Like I said I want to make it a year round cleanup event  for adults and kids. But my main focus is to teach the kids on how to be good to the earth and help keep the earth clean as possible


I need help buying material we need for that day. Such as trash bags, bins, gloves, etc. I would also like the kids to leave with a small goodie bag. It would mean so much to me. So whatever amount you can donate is great!


Click here to donate!



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