Self- Love: Emotions

Emotions are like GPS

Very often do we ignore our emotions. some of us think that were better off ignoring the feelings that come from within. That we are much stronger without soaking into them and letting them take over. But if an emotion is nagging your mind.Most likely, it means that you should acknowledge it and take time to understand each aspect of it. It will teach you something.

At a young age i was unknowingly taught to hide my emotions. I don’t think its a cultural thing. I believe every person no matter your culture or race goes through this cover up. I don’t blame my parents for raising me this way. It wasn’t their intention. It all goes back to how they were raised. I think Jason Mraz put it perfectly in one of his songs when he says:

“Don’t dress up your children like dolls from your past
Or They’ll run from you madly, they’ll never look back
And when they grow older, they’ll do just the same
The world’s a reflection of how children play”

Unintentionally, parents teach/raise their kids the way they were raised. And I think that one way of changing the unhealthy mental cycle. We have to go deep into our emotions and tell ourselves that it’s okay to show emotions. It’s okay to be more or less sensitive with others. It’s okay to speak up and express how you feel and think.

We have to take time out of life to sit down, feel and understand our present emotions. Keep going until you feel good about yourself. Are you feeling more bad than good? That’s great too. negative emotions are good too. Without it, we wouldn’t feel the gratification of feeling positive. There’s knowledge to be found in the good and bad emotions. Embrace it! The most important thing here is learning how to acknowledge any emotions with L-O-V-E!

I have my days when I tend to ignore my emotions and days when I take time to feel them. The times I’ve done that. I noticed that I am getting to know a new things about myself. It is pretty freaky. But in a good way. It’s like meeting a new person within me. I’m learning that i am actually an outspoken woman trying to break out of this introvert glass. The more clearer I get with what is causing certain emotions in my life and understanding that only through a state of love can i address whatever obstacles are ahead and not stay stuck in any emotional state.




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