Gluten-Free 2 Ingredient Banana Pancake Recipe

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My 2017 resolution is to change my eating habits. That means following my gluten and diary free diet to manage my PCOS. So far so good. BUT. It’s been so hard to follow my diary free diet. CHEESE IS EVERYTHING!!!! IT GOES WITH EVERYTHING!!!  So, every now and then i tend to sprinkle cheese to my dishes or have a few crackers with sliced cheese on top. yummmm!

This Banana Pancake is not only easy. But. It’s gluten free! And let me tell you that it’s so good! It’s a mix of french toast and Pancakes.  Here’s what you need



1 banana

1 egg

1 tsp Coconut Oil

Extra Ingredients to spice things up:

1 tsp crushed nuts

2 pinches of cinnamon powder

Orange Zest


  • smash and wisp the egg and banana
  • If you want to spice things up. add 1-2 pinches of ground cinnamon or Orange zest
  • Add a tsp of Coconut Oil to a medium heat pan
  • Cook each side for 5 minutes
  • Use nuts as toppings.

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