30 day Social Media Detox

It’s been a particularly eye opening weeks of a year. If there’s one thing I think I learned it is that particularly on the internet, we live in an echo chamber. I removed myself from all social media for a month. I highly recommend it. As soon as I logged back into my account. All I saw on my feed was words of hate, jealousy, sadness. I wanted to permanently extract myself from social media. I remember telling my brother two weeks ago how brain washed we become when we are on here and don’t really get fed with what’s more important. I tried to keep it together but I couldn’t. I felt so much sadness that day. That day I performed in front of local Native American tribes. I soaked in the energy. The optimism that one day our country will hopefully recognized them for who they are. They are not fighting or doing any harm to prove anything. Prayer and love. That’s all. Don’t close your accounts. My brother said. Use it to spread your positive thoughts. It takes one person.
And so I share this with you:
Everything is alive: the redwood trees, the forest trails, the breeze, the ocean, the rocks, moon, and stars. And everything has power, memory, intelligence, and history. Feel it all. The Esselen believed that in order to live a long life one must have a good relation to the spirit world. . Respect for ourselves and each other. Respect for our Creator and all things in our universe.


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