Recent Plastic-free Purchases

I decided to write this post and share my recent purchases. I have a lot of you asking where i purchase my eco-friendly items. I want to make this a seasonal post. So for the this season, Summer, I want to share with you my recent purchases.

Let me start off by saying that I always try to find the best deal out there. That means that I have to do my research. It get’s frustrating at times. But at the end of the day, it’s all worth it. I am a beginner at all this zero waste lifestyle. I had no idea where I wanted to start. I tend to overwhelm myself with so many “i must get this” “throw away that” “stop using all of that” So I stopped myself sat down, opened my notebook, and noted the top 3 things i use daily. Night and day.

DSC01295-21. Personal Care:

a.)Toothbrush- It’s a necessity! replace replace replace. I found a great brand called brush with bamboo. They offer toothbrushes in a pack of 4 or singles. I decided to go with one just to try it out and get a feel of it. I love it. FYI to those who like hard bristles, this isn’t really hard. I’d say it’s soft-medium. Tiny Yellow Bungalow carries this toothbrush and other cute eco-friendly items such as lunch bags, organic soaps and more.Speaking of soaps . . .

b.) Organic Shampoo Soap- This Agave Nectar soap is still a work in progress. I used it three times and have used it since because i didnt have the patience waiting for the shampoo bar to work. But trust me, now that i know how to use it and that it takes time for the shampoo to work also that using apple cider vinegar helps, I am going to start using when I finish my current shampoo. I also purchased this on Tiny Yellow Bungalow for $10

c.)Stainless Steel Razor- Not only is this razor so classy and cute because of it’s small size, But it also helps eliminate plastic. This is one of the best ways you can help eliminate plastic. So please please go check out Albatross_sailing and purchase a razor. Don’t worry, these razors are so affordable. With a price of $19.99, you will want to add an extra one to the cart.

2.) Kitchen

click picture to purchase


a.) Stainless Steel Straws-

I got these in the mail today and I am looking forward to using these next time i make my protein smoothie.I ordered these on Amazon from Nicely neat company Amazon carries a lot of different sets of these straws. You can find different sizes, packs. I am planning on ordering smaller and bent straws to carry when i go out and have a drink with friends.

b.) Produce Bags- These are worth every penny! I am planning on purchasing another set of five bags just because I buy a lot of produce and five bags aren’t enough. People look at me strange. they’re faces confused. But that’s a good thing because it sparks a conversation. A great conversation about reducing plastic consumption. One other type of bag I have to get my hands on is bulk bags. These are different than the produce bags because they are made out of cotton material. thick enough to avoid flour from seeping through. I am also considering making my own bags. I have a couple of unused pillowcases lying around so they make nice bulk bags. The produce bags that I purchased are from Tiny Yellow Bungalow.DSC01297-2These reusable bags come in a set of 5. they are lightweight and very durable. You will be surprised to find a ton of uses for them.

That ends my Summer eco-friendly items. I can’t wait to share my future purchases with you.

Hasta Luego(till next time)




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