Vlog: Plastic Free July #1


Happy Plastic Free July!!

I decided to take the Plastic Free July Challenge and I am both excited and scared to do it. It has been a challenge this first weekend because I started the first of the month by going camping. I couldnt really buy much stuff because everything I wanted to buy is packaged in plastic. But i tried my best to make it work.
I attempted to make graham crackers. But most of them came out to thick that they were hard as a rock when trying to bite through it. But i’ll get better at making them. they are so easy to make!!!!

The great thing about the plastic free july challenge is that you can decide if you want to do it for the whole month or a specific week or days. I am going to try to go through with this challenge for a month.  How crazy is that for a newbie!!?

Go to plasticfreejuly.org to learn more. It’s not too late to register.

Good Luck!


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