Zero Waste Lifestyle Update: Grocery Shopping

Hola! It’s been a bout a month since my zero waste lifestyle challenge. For those of you who have followed or joined me on this challenge, you might be wondering how i’m doing with it. Some habits have stayed and some, Well, i’m still working on.

When it comes to Grocery shopping. . . i have to say that i been doing pretty darn good. Im getting good at remembering to bring a reusable bag with me when i know i’m going shopping in general. I used to forget to bring my reusable bags with me all the time. I started hanging my bags on my bedroom door knob. It has made a big difference because that’s the last thing i see before heading out of my room. it automatically brings up the question, “do i need to bring a bag with me today?”

Inside my reusable bags, i have five produce bags from tiny yellow bungalow they have cute colorful tabs and are a great price. I realized that I purchase a lot of produce. So, I am going to have to purchase another set of these cute bags. Oh, and the size is perfect and fits everything.

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Here’s a tip: If you want to start shopping in bulks, Go out and explore your local grocery stores! some grocery stores sadly, dont carry bulks. Luckily for me, my local safeway added a bulk section. perfect timing! There’s so much to choose from! loose tea, granola, cereal, candy, rice, and more. I also took the time to explore my local Nob Hill store produce area. Their bulks carry different items than my local safeway store. They have a variety of rice, they have beans, baking powder, different kinds of powder. The one thing that amazed me was that they have a peanut butter maker!! Whaaaaaat!??  I cannot wait to used that maker.

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local Safeway store

On my first bulk adventure I purchased a flaxseed granola cereal. I dont have bulk bags so i had to use one of my produce bags. For those of you who don’t know, most produce bags are made with a shear fabric. Bulk  bags are made with thick cotton fabric. So, when i poured the granola cereal into the produce bag, i have the small tiny grains fall out.

Note to self: order Bulk bags!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetWhen it comes to finding storage for m food, the first store i go to is Marshall’s. I find great pieces there for less. Like this large jar. I think it was about $5 compare to 6.99-9 at other department stores. It’s very secure and has a tight close to it. I have to say, I am getting obsessed with glass food storage and mason jars that i started collecting the spaghetti sauce jars and using them as portable drink jars. There’s mornings when i make breakfast late that i have to take my breakfast with me. I do have a reusable water bottle. but it’s strictly  for water. So, if i want to take milk or juice for lunch, I use one of the mason jars or the spaghetti jars. I’m still in the market for a cute tea cup. I did find a company that sells these cute cups for hot or cold drinks.  Keep Cup is a company that carries reusable coffee cups. You can either customize your cup(color, size) or purhcase one of their special edition cups. This will definitely be my next purchase.

And there you have it. My current zero waste lifestyle update. How are you doing with yours? I would love to know.


See you guys next time!



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