Valentine’s Day Dessert: Strawberry Trifle

IMG_0120Hello, friends! I am happy to share this inspired valentine dessert with you all. Now i know this might look like a long process but i made this tutorial easy to follow and make. Don’t let the picture intimidate you. This can be a perfect dessert to put together with your valentine. If you aren’t celebrating Valentine’s this year with a partner, who cares. Don’t let that stop you from missing out on these delicious trifle. Invite your single friends over and have a small pot luck. Who said Valentine’s is only for lovebirds?

Let’s begin . . .

Let’s start off with the shopping list:


  1.  2 cartons of Strawberries
  2. 2 packages of vanilla pudding(ex.JELL-O brand)
  3.  16oz Cool Whip
  4.  2-3 Angel Food Loaf



  • Start off by slicing the strawberries. Save the large slices of strawberries to decorate the top with


  • Make the pudding. give it time to set. Once it’s set, add one cup of Cool whip and blend it.


  • Slice the loaf and begin the first layer . . .

IMG_0110IMG_0112After adding the first layer of cake, line up the strawberries against the glass. Next, add a layer of the pudding mixture. Finish it off with a layer of Cool Whip.



Now grab those big slices of strawberries and decorate the top of the cake as you desire. You can even buy strawberry glaze and add some of that to the center of the trifle. Also, to make it festive, i bought sprinkles that go with the occasion. And that’s all my friends. Don’t overthink it. You will be fine. Enjoy! Happy Valentine’s Day ❤



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