Summer Food Bucket List: Gilroy Garlic Festival 2015

You can be sure that summer in the Central Coast is impeccable. I like to enjoy the warm weather by driving to the beach, rolling out my yoga mat and having a short yoga session. Then after, enjoying a nice lunch while  soaking up the sun. If i’m not in the mood to lounge on the sandy beach, you can find me hiking at a local National Park. My favorite park trail at the moment is The Garland Park Trails in Carmel Valley, Ca. My advice to you would be to start early. That way, the sun doesn’t catch up to you until later on. Let me tell you that the heat can be pretty overbearing. But it is worth it. You will enjoy the landscape.


As months past and the end of summer approaches,  i can foretaste my absolute favorite festival and a summer food bucket list must, The Gilroy Garlic Festival. Imagine yourself driving on 101. Rolling down your car windows to take in the piercing aroma of the garlic growing along the fields . A sign that let’s you know that you’re closer to the city of garlic.  If you think that spending a little and still enjoying a lot more plates at a festival isnt possible, well i’m here to tell you that at the Garlic festival, its possible. When purchasing my ticket, i always go with the $31(adult ) ticket that includes a general admission plus a Gourmet Combo Plate. you have two options:

combo plate 1:
1/2 peppersteak sandwich
Pasta con pesto
Garlic bread

combo plate 2:

1/2 Peppersteak Sandwich



garlic bread

20120801-205556.jpgI went with combo 1. My mom chose combo two. (Both plates are picture on the left) The best thing about my plate was the pasta con pesto. The pesto sauce was right on point, just enough basil and garlic. The one thing that suprised me about this pasta was the kick of spice. this pasta definitely had red peppers. My mom chose combo plate 2. I got to taste her plate. I loved everything on her plate especially the mushrooms and shrimp. The sauce of those two were crazy good. Unexplainable but I highly reccomend it. If you’re up for a different taste in your mouth, you must try the garlic ice cream. French vanilla ice cream with garlic. Don’t feel discourage when you take the first taste. It might taste weird but the more licks you take the better chances you’ll find it delicious. The ice cream is free. So there might be a long line. If you don’t want to wait in line, I recommend you go to the Bloomfield stand after you leave the garlic festival. The Bloomfield stand is right of 101 south. You will see signs that will direct you to the exit.

20120801-211056.jpgBeer and heat might not be a good combination but one wont hurt.
If you’re into cooking and learning more about garlic, i recommend you check out the Grand Stage(make sure you take a look at the schedule online to see who’s will be on and at what time) In 2012, I learned how to make pasta from scratch and how to prepare a simple pasta dish.
Before you exit the festival, YOU MUST grab a bag of garlic popcorn. The stand is usually right next to the exit/shuttle bus.I make sure to stack up on a few bags.

At the end of the day i was exhausted and ready to rest and sleep right next to my popcorn bags.

20120801-212422.jpgSo, are you ready to head out to the Garlic Festival? Don’t wait in line to purchase your ticket, click here . If you can’t make it, don’t worry. Eventbrite can help you find a festival near you. Not only will Eventbrite help you find an event, but it could also help you plan an event and sell tickets. check out the Event Management Software to learn more.


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