Raw Mandala and Smoothie Tutorial

 Full recipe down below :

2 Diced Bell Peppers (Orange, Yellow)
3 Peeled Carrots (Purple, Yellow Orange)
1 box of Raspberries
1 box of Blackberries
1 box of Strawberries
Baby Spinach and Spring Mix


Chia Seeds Figs
Flax Seeds
Almond Shavings
Coconut Shavings
Goji Berries



Coconut Sugar Crystals
Orange Juice Acai Powder

Hemp Oil


Raspberries Maca Powder
Blackberries Aloe Vera
Pineapple Dates
Coconut Milk Coconut Sugar Crystals
Hemp oil Bee Pollen
Hemp Granola Cacao Nibs
Acai Powder Goji Berries

Blue Agave

Smoothie Measurements

Serves 4-5, Adjust portion size and ingredients accordingly

About 5 cups of coconut milk ¼ cup of blue agave
6 strawberries 1 fillet of aloe vera
6 blackberries
6 raspberries ¼ cup of Hemp oil
2 teaspoons of Acai Powder 2 teaspoons of Bee Pollen
1 teaspoon of Coconut Sugar Crystals About A ¼ cup of goji berries
1 4-inch thick round cut of pineapple (diced) ¼ cup of hemp granola
2 teaspoons of Cacao nibs



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