Coffee Mia Brew Bar & Cafe- Marina, California

Your relationship with your customer is only as good as your last interaction. And having a strong relationship with your customer only makes the employee put that much more effort to each dish they serve their customer.  

” we like to get to know everybody on a one to one basis. i probably know 75, 85% of all my customers’ names.”
New costumer or not Allie and the rest of the employees are sure to greet you with the most kindness hello. And that is one thing i noticed as soon as i walked into Coffee Mia.Well, i guess the second thing. The first was walking in and breathing in the savory scent of Italian Cuisine.  .  .

Horace and Sarina Mercurio opened Coffee Mia seven years ago as their first family owned cafe.With the help of Santa Cruz Coffee roasting Company, Coffee mia is sure to serve each customer the finest coffee. Along with teas, homemade soups, salads, panini sandwiches, and baked goods. Oh! and how can i forget to mention their delectable homemade Cannoli.
Preparing only the best coffee, they drip each cup of coffee to order. They get their chocolate for their Mochas from Germany. the chocolate is hand-sift and add their own sugars to it so it’s not pre mixed. 
I sat down with Allie Mercurio, to talk more about how it all began, family, and what makes people come back .
  • Is this the first time the family comes together and opens up a food place?

    Allie: yes. My mom is at another facility doing all the baking. But it’s me and my dad here, 6 or 7 days of the week . It’s a lot of fun. it’s nice being able to spend a lot of extra time with each other because before he had another job so were never really together as much as we are now. I was at school when he was off and he had a night job. its been really fun being able to hang out and really appreciate all the time we get to spend together

   My nonno (grandfather in italian) he’s here six days a week. He’s eighty-five years old and he still comes in here every day.6-7 hours a day. helps us in the back, doing all the prep work and he will give everybody here a hard time but everybody loves him. 
  • Do you guys mainly focus on Italian Cuisine?

Allie: There’s obviously little things here and there. we do the Panini sandwiches, those are Italian, we are well known for our Cannolis. But we try to keep it well rounded at the same time just because we know that not everybody wants that all the time. so, we try to give people what they want more than anything.

  •  What are a few specialty dishes?
Allie:  Our Tuscan Chicken is really popular.It’s grilled chicken breast, grilled onions and then we have a pesto mayo, provolone cheese, and tomatoes. 
         The Godfather and the Godmother are both really good. They are both my mom and dads specialty sandwiches. The Godfather is my dads sandwich and the Godmother is my moms. And our cannolis
  • What makes your place unique. What makes customers come back?
Allie: I think a big part of it is the fact that we try to get to know everybody on a one to one basis. I probably know 75-85 % of my customers names. i have my few morning customers that i see driving by and i’m already making their coffee so as soon as they come in, i know they’re in a rush and their coffee is ready to go. Another unique feature that we have too is people could call in their order. So if they’re in a hurry or on their lunch and they only have a short amount of time, they can always call in and we will have their order ready when they come in. It’s also nice to give back to the community. My dad still donates to all the local schools’ soccer and baseball teams. I think that’s what people like about us. 
  Nobody wants to be another number. So It’ nice that they can feel like they’re appreciated. because without them we wouldn’t be here

After my short interview with Allie Mercurio, i was ready to make my order and have one of the specialty Paninis, The Godfather. As a fan of Salami i just couldn’t resist the urge to try it. Especially with a name like that. I also proceeded to order a side of Potato Salad, a slice of Lemon Cake, and i just couldn’t leave the place without trying their famous homemade Cannoli.
First dish on the table was the Potato salad. freshly cut everything. Potatoes cut into big chunks with  the skin still on them. i took my first spoonful and the first bite was everything i thought it would be. the crunch of celery came along with the rich taste of mayonnaise and all the rest of the seasonings. it was all just perfect. not heavy just light enough to eat most of the plate.
Half way through my potato salad, The Godfather Panini was placed in front of me. Much to my surprise, The panini was smaller than i had imagined it to be. But with slices of Salami, and prosciutto ham, provolone cheese, with olive tapenade and garlic aioli on Ciabatta bread, you will feel full and satisfied. all together these ingredients are paired perfectly to give your taste buds a mind blowing kick. The saltiness of the salami balances out very well with the olive tapaned and garlic aioli.
 Now on to desserts. Let me just say that this was my first time eating Lemon Cake. Let me tell you how happy i am to have waited until now. Moist bread with a hint of lemon syrup on the edge and bottom. My oh my! I am very picky when it comes to the frosting on top. But the lemon frosting was lemony but yet subtle.
Thank you Allie and the rest of Coffee Mia for giving me the opportunity to try out your delightful dishes. I am looking forward to make the well worth drive to Marina and enjoy a new dish.
Coffee Mia is Located at
 250 Reservation Road, Suite E, Marina, California 93933
(831) 384-0148

 find them on Facebook , and instagram


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