What I Eat & Drink to Fuel my Workout

What I Eat & Drink to Fuel my Workout

Eating prior to my workouts is important in order to get the best out of my workout. It helps meet my fitness goals by giving me the energy during the workout. I like to get a good amount of calories which help me push through the workout. I tend to eat small meals 30 minutes before working out. But when I do crave a meal before exercising. I make sure I eat 2 hours before. I want to share with you the three common post- workout snacks I eat.  Continue reading “What I Eat & Drink to Fuel my Workout”


Comfortable in My Own Skin

You might think because I’m a slim woman that I didn’t have to worry much about my appearance. But back in high school I was called anorexic and had school staff and classmates ask how much I eat and that I should eat more. “Your damn if your skinny and damn if your curvy”. Throughout my years all this negativity has made me question the size of my arms. My weight. And for the most part proving to others that my weight is normal. Today I am learning to be true to myself. I know that I am good to my body. I am the way i am because of my genetics. I take care of my body and the one and only thing I should care about is my well being minimize the output that STRANGERS try to instill in my head. 

Thank you for sharing your journey and helping me look in the mirror  

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I LOVE MY BODY BECAUSE ✨because it’s the only one I’ve got.

I LOVE MY BODY BECAUSE ✨ it’s complex.

I LOVE MY BODY BECAUSE ✨ it instantly gives me feedback when I’m doing something right and when I’m doing something wrong.

I LOVE MY BODY BECAUSE ✨ if I don’t, no one else will.


Today is the day that you can sit down with yourself and decide to start loving your body. You don’t need society or anyone else’s permission to do that. You don’t even need permission from yourself. You have the power to set in motion a series of beautifully complicated miracles just by saying #ilovemybodybecause


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